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About Us

Company History: 

In the year 1996, Treu-Dynamic International Private Limited was founded; providing solutions for surgical, orthopedic, spinal and maxillofacial instruments and implants in the Pakistani market. A sister concern company of Dynamic Surgical (PVT) Ltd; which has been manufacturing and exporting high quality surgical and orthopedic instruments since 1983. 

In the year 2000, Treu-Dynamic added instruments and implants from Anton Hipp; Teknimed in 2001, followed by Trimed in 2002.  By the year 2010, Treu-Dynamic was engaged in business with more than a dozen foreign companies such as Surgical, Polytech, Matrix USA, General Implants and various other international companies.

Presently, Treu-Dynamic professes in manufacturing and providing solutions for orthopedic instruments and implants; looking forward to expanding into manufacturing surgical instruments and implants.

About us:

TreuDynamic International Private Limited is a Pakistan based company that manufactures and delivers high-quality surgical instruments.

Collaborating with various surgeons; we keep up with the latest requirements of the surgeons and the needs of patients. This helps us to innovate and enhance the surgical instruments according to the latest developments in the field.

Our prime focus has always been serving our clients with more than what they expect and we will continue to do so.


At Treu-Dynamic we have been manufacturing and supplying high-grade surgical, orthopedic and dental instruments in Pakistan since 1996. With more than two decades of experience; Treu-Dynamic now boasts countrywide sales operation.

Treu-Dynamic International Private Limited has been serving various types of surgical specialists with different requirements and will continue to deliver our services with zero compromises on quality.

Under excellent leadership qualities and dedicated staff; we are surely emerging as one of the leading companies within the business of surgical instruments.

Mission Statement:

“Our Mission is to provide solutions for high-quality surgical equipment with our entire dedication.”

Company Vision:

“No compromise on the quality of services.”

We, at TreuDynamic, continuously research and development to enhance our products to keep our customers’ confident.

At TreuDynamic, we envision the future where our product is available to all sorts of clients; that is why we keep improving our products to make sure our products are available to clients with different needs and requirements. We wish to see our customers choosing the best instrument and implants, to be able to perform challenges head-on.

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